Events and schedules going forward

(Past events and achievements of note can be found via our News page.)

2011 November 10: Melbourne Emergence Meetup

The next monthly Meetup commencing 5:30 pm in ICT Seminar Room 206 will provide some updates on Kororoit activities and a chance for member presentations on other projects before we head to The Corkman for dinner. Susu Nousala will present information on the CENT symposium for 2012 which she will again co-chair, as well as a general seven month update on our progress towards Kororoit Institute, following on from a Proponents Association committee meeting before the Meetup.

2011 December 8: Special General Meeting

Around 6:30 we will interrupt the Emergence Meetup to hold a Special General Meeting of the Proponents Association to consider amendments to the Model Rules we initially adopted which have subsequently been identified as necessary to progress the simplest route to establishing the actual Kororoit Institute.

2012 February 29—March 2: Kororoit Institute Symposium

Living Spaces for Change: Socio-technical Knowledge of Cities and Regions