Statement of Purposes

  1. The primary purposes of Kororoit Institute Proponents and Supporters Association Inc. (“the Association”) are to facilitate and prepare for, and subsequently to provide community liaison for, the establishment of a Kororoit Institute, however named, (“the Institute”) which services growth areas west of Melbourne with an interdisciplinary research focus crossing emergence, systems, complexity, organisation knowledge management, community consultation, service corridor and public land use planning, and facilitating information technologies.
  2. Further to those primary purposes, the Association shall:
    1. Prior to the establishment of the Institute:
      1. Recruit participation of organisations and individuals.
      2. Prepare and pursue a detailed strategy for establishment of the Institute.
      3. Initiate and support research, training and consultancy services of the kind envisaged for the Institute at levels appropriate to a professional association.
      4. Protect and preserve potential intellectual property and other prospective assets of the Institute.
    2. Upon the establishment of the Institute, transfer to the Institute all those activities, property and copies of records of the pre-establishment phase which the Institute agrees to take ongoing responsibility for.
    3. Subsequent to the establishment of the Institute, develop a community outreach network and programme to increase understanding of and participation in the activities of the Institute.

Note: The above is to be read with section 16 of The Act re “incidental or conducive” powers. Discussion on the role of such a statement of purposes is available here.