Theory & Practice

With its Proponents Association acting as a “Pre Institute” in the interim, the objective of Kororoit Institute is to bring an interdisciplinary perspective to practical problems through open collaborative projects.

Theory: self organisation and knowledge

We bring the interdisciplinary theoretical perspective of what is often called “complex systems” that has been advanced by the Santa Fe Institute and others across the past quarter century, a perspective which has also gone under many other names. We see this as a companion to science in tackling areas where over specialisation and reductionism begin to struggle. This perspective extends from emergent organisation to knowledge management.

Practice: regional community planning

We seek to apply that interdisciplinary perspective to improve the utilisation of knowledge that exists in regional and other communities at all scales. The Kororoit name reflects a special but nonexclusive focus on the growth regions in Melbourne's west. We see this as being increasingly facilitated by emerging technologies for collecting, curating and geospatially mapping contributed knowledge which can then transparently inform planning processes.