Kororoit Institute International Symposium and Workshop

Living Spaces for Change:
Socio-technical knowledge of cities and regions

29 February – 2 March 2012
Engineering House, Engineers Australia
21 Bedford Street, North Melbourne, 3051

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29 February - Morning
Thematic Keynotes

8:30 - Registration Desk Open

9:30 - Welcome - Engineers Australia
9:40 - Who we are, why we’re here - William P (Bill) Hall
10:00 - Living spaces for change - Alain Moulet
10:30 - Why are you here? Where do you want to go? How can we help? - Audience
11:00 - Emergence of knowledge-based community action - Susu Nousala
11:30 - Enterprise knowledge architecture for community action (interactive video) - Steve Else & Bill Hall

12:00 - 1:00 – Lunch - and more discussion

29 February - Afternoon
Keynote views from governing bodies and industry

1:00 - Living spaces for change: The French node - The Paris-Evry project - Alain Moulet
1:30 - Collaborative urbanism with unlimited cities (video presentation) - Alain Renk
1:45 - Living well with enabling technologies: Ageing in place - Greg Tegart
2:15 - Use of steel framing in remote aboriginal communities - Ken Watson

2:45 - Coffee break

3:00 - Adventures in planning: How an optimistic, some might say utopian, community activist / strategic planner met reality - Janet Rice
3:30 - From servicing to strengthening: A polemic on transforming the business of local government to reflect its strategic role in the future of the city - Ingo Kumic
4:00 - 5:00+ - Workshop on the polycentric governance of living spaces - Audience

29 February - Evening

Scholars Wine Bar 480 Victoria Street, North Melbourne, VIC 3051

Thursday, 1 March - Morning
Short topical presentations for extended discussion

8:30 - Registration desk open

9:00 - Gathering and sharing knowledge for decision and action

The Art of Conversation: All of us are smarter than any of us - Keith De La Rue
Personalised learning: Preparing young citizens for a new century - Roger Hadgraft
VSSEC disaster response program: Developing 21st Century skills for 21st Century problems - Naomi Mathers

9:45 - Planning and managing transport (the vital circulatory system for the living city)

Journey planning for sustainable transport - Russell Thompson
The road ahead – Improving bus safety in Victoria - Bill Kilpatrick
[Title pending] - Marcus Wigan

10:30 - Caring for the environment we live in

Sustainable design and development for a Mt Kenya (Africa) community - Andrew Miller
A tangled web: Connecting friends active in local environment and heritage - Helen Rzesniowiecki
Free technologies for knowledge-based community action: Introducing Riddells Creek Landcare and NatureShare - William (Bill) Hall
Capabilities to support the development of socio-technical systems in Victoria’s agricultural industries - Richard Vines

11:30 - Complexity and group emergence

Variation comes with the territory: Complexity theory and the limits of maps and models - Tony Smith
Scalability of knowledge transfer in communities and other complex systems - Susu Nousala
Summary of systemic complexity thinking: Risk and management - Kurt Rieger
Artificial intelligence - Adam Ford
Open source software, models, & the cloud: building blocks for socio-technical communities of practice - Patrick Sunter

12:45 - Grounding our ideas in the real world with evidence

Maintaining scientific validity: Especially when obtaining data sets ultilizing unorthodox methods - Amir Morris


1 March - Afternoon
Discussions & Decisions

2:00 - Afternoon Workshop

• Emergence: an example worked out by a community of practice and sometimes disparate practices – KI!

4:00 - Discussion Summaries

Thursday Evening – 1 March

Future Day Forum - Engaging the future, questioning young and technological change

Friday Morning – 2 March

Project Planning Meeting