Regional Interconnection

Kororoit concerns itself with regions of all sizes, using them as a primary organising device for its studies. We are informed here by a view of regions as emergent social structures, albeit ones often tied to ecological and even physical landscape features.

From complex systems theory we see that the organisation on the spatiotemporal time scale of one region can act as a mathematically independent perturbation of the organisation of a connected region operating on a different spatiotemporal time scale, providing variation needed to stimulate evolution of the other region. When such organisation is a strong (deep) attractor (basin), it may be very resilient to such perturbation. In other circumstances it may explore new possibilities.

Across a thousand catchments, a "one in a thousand years" flood event typically happens somewhere each year. Yet the strongest of our planning codes only aspire to cater for one in a hundred year events. Walls and fences may be definitive of human expansion, but they are the last thing you and your livestock need when nature really challenges.

Through the period of establishing Kororoit Institute, we have quickly identified groups with parallel interests in other global regions. Some of these will be joining us for our Symposium commencing next Leap Day and continuing through Future Day.