Consultancy Services at a Professional Association level

The Kororoit Proponents Association is already serving at one level as an association of academic and business professionals bound by a deep appreciation of the theory and practical challenges identified on this website. That gives the Proponents a capacity to act in Pre Institute mode, providing consultancy services to client organisations who see the value in the extra understanding, insight and lateral inspiration that special perspective can bring.

We are able to work in open collaboration with specialists to bring a wider perspective to their work. This can be useful for checking problem analysis and improving responsiveness to community consultation. We bring a solidly-based understanding of the kind of circumstances under which seemingly good ideas are particularly liable to break down, especially those relatively rare and always seemingly unexpected situations where the costs of breakdown can be particularly high.

With wide experience in education delivery, including the application of information technology, the Kororoit Proponents can create and deliver adjunct materials which add a complexity perspective where it might be needed, from organisation knowledge management to contingency planning. Many of the links which have brought the Proponents together have been as PhD supervisors or advisers and that is a role we should be sure of finding somebody to fill for any candidate who needs to bring a complexity perspective to their research.

Within the areas of Knowledge Management, Community Consultation, Complex Systems Analysis and selection and configuration of Facilitating Technologies, the Proponents Association is willing and able to take on projects as sole or lead consultant. We are also keen to form open collaborative partnerships with developers interested in the collection, curation, transparent citation and geospatial representation of community knowledge.