13 June 2013: Organized Special Public Meetup with Melbourne Emergence for a David Snowden Talk

Kororoit Institute jointly with RMIT University Centre for Business Education Research are hosting an open Melbourne Emergence Meetup with Dave Snowden, Founder and Chief Scientist of Cognitive Edge. He will be discussing some of his ideas on governance, monitoring, measurement and the like; and how complexity can make a difference to engagement and empowering communities to speak in their own voice. This would include applying new approaches to developing evidence based policy under conditions of uncertainty.

May 2013: Decided to sponsor Melbourne Emergence Meetup as a public interface to advertise Kororoit Institute activities.

April 2012: Completed formalities to trade as Kororoit Institute (KI).

29 February - 2 March 2012: Held International Symposium and Workshop: Living Spaces for Change: Sociotechnical Knowledge of Cities and Regions

The symposium was a considerable success. See Symposium Program.

20 February 2012: Symposium program released

A culmination of a huge amount of work by all concerned, especially Kororoit President Bill Hall in getting the data together on all the presentations. The Symposium Program is still at Final Draft stage, with final updates expected during the next week.

30 January 2012: Amendments to Proponents Rules in operation

We are now able to register to trade as Kororoit Institute and, as quickly as we can progress it alongside Symposium arrangements, will be able to take online applications for membership.

September-December 2011: Busy on many fronts

The cycle of committee meetings, sub-committees, Meetups and Symposium preparations has kept Proponents committee members so busy that regular website updates dropped off while we got held up on the longer term plan to deploy a proper content management system.

20-21 August 2011: Singularity Summit Sponsorship

Interesting program and excellent attendance at the second local annual Singularity Summit which was held on the last weekend of National Science Week. We produced a new glossy flier for attendees.

19-22 July 2011: CENT 2011, Orlando, Florida

International Symposium on Collaborative Enterprises: Platforms, Processes, and Practices Advancing the Enterprise 2.0 in the context of the 15th World-Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. Our Director Designate Susu Nousala is co-chair of the symposium.

12 July 2011: Melbourne Emergence Meetup

One month after originally planned, an increased audience enjoyed a presentation by Patrick Sunter on Complex Systems aspects of Geodynamics modeling.

8 July 2011: Committee Meeting, Director appointed

Endorsed new members and extended to the end of August the date for sign up of establishment members and founding sponsors. Formalised the appointment of Susu Nousalla as Director Designate of the Pre Institute to take on executive responsibilities while reporting to the committee functioning more as a board.

25-26 June 2011: H+ Summit sponsorship

Humanity Plus is about technologies that expand human capacities and the attitudinal adjustments they demand. Proponents Secretary Tony Smith made a presentation and promoted Kororoit on the first morning of what turned out to be an exciting couple of days. We produced a new glossy flier for attendees.

12 May 2011: One page flyer released

Our quick first attempt to cram many of the threads inspiring the Kororoit Proponents onto a single page, threads intended to be unpicked as this website and future materials are developed.

19 April 2011: Melbourne’s Latte Line moves west

KPMG social demographer Bernard Salt presented Victoria University’s inaugural Chancellor’s Lecture, providing much well researched data supporting our reasons for focusing on Melbourne’s western growth region where the Kororoit name is central.

14-15 April 2011: Proponents Association incorporated

A meeting held in conjunction with Melbourne Emergence Meetup approved the Statement of Purposes and use of the Model Rules to incorporate the Association as the first formal step towards establishing a Kororoit Institute and elected an initial committee. The paperwork was lodged and processed next day.