Based on our diverse membership we are assembling a unique set of perspectives and capabilities that we will be able and wish to share with the wider community. Based on current planning and member capabilities, the Institute will be offering three modes of outreach: Postgraduate research training opportunities, community workshops and certification training in the area of enterprise architecture and engineering.

Postgraduate Research Training

Working with local universities, we anticipate being able to offer postgraduate students mentoring and opportunities to become associated with our members' existing research projects relating to various kinds of complex systems or perhaps initiate their own programs under Institute auspices while meeting the university's degree requirements. Already, several PhD students interested in organizational complexity have built strong informal associations with KIPSA members. Grants will be sought to help fund such involvements.

Community Workshops

With our background working with various kinds of emerging knowledge-based communities at the grass-roots and within larger commercial and governmental organizations (i.e., communities of interest, communities of practice), we anticipate that we will be able to offer a variety of workshops designed to help these kinds of communities construct community knowledge and learn to become more effective. To fund such workshops we will seek funding from interested organizations, or when deemed appropriate, we may seek individual contributions from participants.

Enterprise Architecture and Engineering Certification Training

Several KIPSA members have substantial experience in large industrial organizations in areas of enterprise architecture and reengineering "intelligent" enterprises, and are associated with overseas institutes offering certification programs in Enterprise Architecture. We anticipate that Kororoit Institute will work with these other institutes to cross-license and share training materials such that we can collectively offer training for an internationally recognized certification in Enterprise Architecture. If established, such training programs will be offered by Kororoit Institute on a commercial basis, with profits going to support other Institute activities and programs. ln time, we anticipate that additional certifications in the broad area of organizational design and reengineering will be offered.