Emergent order, self-organisation

One of the cornerstones of the understanding of complex systems which informs the Kororoit Proponents is that even the simplest things sometimes self-organise, creating a novel yet persistent form which is best viewed in terms of its larger scale behaviour. This is what we understand by emergence as it applies to the Melbourne Emergence Meetup Group which brought some of us together and hosted the meeting at which we endorsed incorporation as the Association.

Emergent order can be seen on scales from unlikely but ultimately consequential synergy, where unrelated entities combine to form something greater, through to archetypical bulk Order out of Chaos which underpins familiar natural systems. Our proposed Kororoit Institute is loosely modelled on a generation later view of the Santa Fe Institute which brought and continues to bring an interdisciplinary approach to the study of complex systems. Members of Santa Fe Institute and others involved in the disciplines of physics, biology and sociology have identified complex and chaotic systems as self-organising.

We are looking to self-organisation as a theme for outreach during the first (July-June) year of the Proponents acting as a Pre Institute. While self-organisation remains a cultural blind spot, it is easy and spectacular to demonstrate. Self-organisation also describes an ever more important social dynamic and so gives guidance as to how we should act in the world. This exemplifies the Kororoit determination to apply theory to improve practice.