The Kororoit Institute proponents and supporters relate to communication in two distinct ways, as communicators and as experts on communication systems. Both are important to what we intend for the Institute.


Several of us are active authors, writing for both academic and lay venues and covering the range from theory and philosophy of science and technical manuals for complex engineering projects to articles for the popular press and simple how-to's. We also have significant experience with journalism and the printing and publishing industry, so we know how to advertise and spread the results of our work. Others are experienced with visual, graphical and interactive communication tools that will be helpful in giving life to our ideas beyond the limits of words alone.

Communication systems

Several of us have deep industrial experience implementing facilitating technologies for communication. These range from printing presses, web servers, enterprise portals and structured authoring systems to a wide variety of supporting tools. We are also experienced in mapping and designing the interpersonal networks involved in effective communication.

Giving the Institute a voice

What this means is that we have ample capabilities to build an Institute that is fully capable of advertising and communicating its ideas and successful solutions. We also have the know how to help other organizations find their voices through our professional services.